Our 1 on 1 Instruction program is an excellent choice for those that prefer an individual instruction setting or have a hard time lining up with our course schedules. We currently offer 1 on 1 instructional training in the areas of Survival, Preparation, Fitness and Tactics. Please note for 1 on 1 instruction in our At Risk programs please fill our the request form on their respective page. When you schedule a one on one training instruction session we will discuss the details over the phone with you so we can tailor a program suitable for your desires and level of skill. Once we know exactly what is the best program for you we will provide you a quote to lock in the training. The training typically last from 6-8 hours and the cost ranges from $300-1,000 a day. Most course materials are on the lower end of that spectrum.

If you would like to do a small group of friends we can accommodate that as well with an extremely discounted price increase. If you would like to schedule your training select and order the available day of your choice below. There is no commitment until we agree on a package. We look forward to training with you. Of course if you have a group and live elsewhere don’t forget to consider our Mobile Training Teams where we bring the training to you (located under delivery options).

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Shane Blevins
Shane Blevins retired from the US Army at 20 years of service. During his career he served in Special Operations and the US Army SERE School. He is currently a senior program developer for OGC and operates an online entrepreneurial network. He is happily married to his wife Jennifer and has 5 children.