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10 Horrific Mexican Cartel Attacks



Mexican drug cartels are infamous groups led by powerful narcotics lords. From Los Zetas to the CEO of crime’s Sinaloa Cartel, they’re responsible for some of the most violent firefights & attacks in Mexico.




  1. This obviously isnt a game. I live right on the border under Mc Allen and west to brownsville. We see this on the news all the time.

  2. Are these the things that money can lead any man to do? Or are Mexicans mentally far more psychotic than most nationalities? I'd like to think that people would NEVER do this kind of thing in my country over money, power and weapons.

  3. This is how the Native American felt when all the white people came to the United States and messed it all up for them.You all are talking about build a wall but don't forget that Mexicans are native Americans and the rest of you are all immigrants

  4. Mexico would a very DIFFERENT place if they just legalise drugs. Sometimes I think governments just use the 'war on drugs' agenda to keep them in power.

  5. Listen you bastards that want to ban guns in USA. In Mexico is illegal to own a weapon and this is what happens. Do you want that kind of shit happening here I don't think so.

  6. u know i once bumped into el chito, a mexican cartel leader…he was like wtf dude, watch were u going or next time ill chop off your fucking head! am like mate do you know who iam? hes like…after takeing a second look he goes, ohhhhh shit its barry boy, wsup mah niggah how u doing sooo sorry bosss!!!! ( i beat the shit outa him like peter griffin to the chicken!!!) tokeeee on peepo hahaha

  7. how come all males by the computers are left-handed? (i know, because it is mirrored to the other side) but still what are the odds of that lol


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