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An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area, and recent active shooter (AS) incidents
have underscored the need for proper training and mitigations strategies.

This is where Omega Group Consultants can greatly benefit your organization. While most citizens are aware of the occasional widely covered event most are unaware of how many AS incidents actually occur in the US each year. A recent FBI analysis shows that for the years of 2015 and 2016 there were 20 AS events each year. Studies also show that these events are on an upward trend.

Is your staff prepared to react to a workplace incident?

Unfortunately, probably not. Although some businesses are aware of escalating trends in workplace and cultural violence a vast majority remain under prepared to handle it. This is typically due to simply not knowing ‘what to do about it’. That’s where Omega Group Consultants comes in. Timely, Affordable, and Efficient. As a business we understand the budgeting and scheduling challenges that organizations face. As such we’ve created programs to perfectly suite your needs that are both short in duration and affordable. Nonetheless our efficient training model will leave your employees well prepared with the knowledge needed to minimize and/or mitigate potential volatile situations. We are absolutely dedicated to providing this training at a price affordable for any organization.



For the low cost of only $200.00 we will train your entire staff. We believe this training to be crucial and for that reason have chosen to offer it at an extremely discounted cost to ensure wide dissemination. This is a lecture based training session provided on site to your organization and followed by discussion with the clientele. The training event takes approximately 90-120 minutes.

Crisis Action Plan

CAP Creation and/or Review

Every organization should have a detailed road map of specifically how to deal with a hostile event. The CAP is in binder format and consist of:
a. Security Assessments
b. Preparedness
c. Communication
d. Incident Plan (i.e., actions to take during an incident)
e. Training and Exercises
f. Post Incident Recovery
i. Employees
ii. Operations
The CAP streamlines your organization’s process ensuring continuity and accuracy of operations.
Price : $400.00 (Average)

Organizational Instructor Certification Program

Ensure your organization stays abreast of the latest training with an in-house instructor. With this package we will train your personnel to conduct Active Shooter Training for your continually growing staff. In addition to creating your in house instructor we will provide them all the materials needed to conduct the training as well as free updated products as Tactics, Techniques and Procedures revolve in the field. This is an excellent way to ensure that new hires are quickly and sufficiently trained as well as ensuring thorough refresher training in your organization. This course is typically 2 Days (16 hours) , however can vary slightly depending on individual performance.
Price : $1,500 for the first instructor + $500 for each additional.

Facility and Procedural Review

and Recommendations

Price Varies per Facility (average $500.00) With the purchase of this service we will do an in depth review of your organization’s operational procedures and offer recommendations to strengthen your security posture and mitigation strategy. Additionally we conduct a thorough analysis of your facility’s physical security and provide a detailed report of recommendations that will advance your mitigation strategy.

Experiential Based Training

Exercises and Security Probes

We offer a variety Training drills and security probe services. These can vary widely and be conducted in accordance with your organizations particular needs and desires. A few training exercise examples are:
-Coordinated Organizational Walkthrough
– Real-time Drill
– Real-time Drill with simulated munitions and Redman Training Suit
In addition to training exercises we can provide security probes that offer invaluable critique for your organization.


Price : Varies (Avg. $200-$2,500)

Coming Soon!

Teacher Package
Designed for Academic Instructors. The Teacher Package includes a PPT Slide Deck; Teachers Instructional Program Workbook; Student Workbooks.
Price : TBD


Online Training
We are currently working on an online training program that will allow interactive training, testing and course certification. This will be available as standalone as well as refresher training for those that utilize our training or services.
Price : TBD

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