At Risk Training and Services

Omega Group Consultants is the premiere provider of ‘At Risk’ Mitigation Training and Services. Our Courses and Services are created by some of the most credentialed and experienced in the field.

The Challenge

Individuals and Organizations that travel and operate internationally face a serious risk of exploitation by criminal elements. This exploitation can have grave consequences for the individual and organization. Often times resulting in a significant loss of money and at times lives.

The Solution

Omega Group Consultants has created specialized training and services designed to significantly reduce this risk. Our consultants will work with your organization to identify your likely risks and provide you a road map fine tuned to your specific situation.

Training & Services

At Risk Training Program

The At Risk Traveler Program is a client-centric and comprehensive curriculum delivered in both academic and practical application form and draws from a multitude of individual courses specifically selected to address criminal threats a domestic and international traveler may encounter.
ART-P provides relevant risk mitigating techniques and develops the skills necessary to improve practically any adverse situation you might find yourself in. The bottom line is we live in dangerous times, and as such it is important to take the precautionary measures needed to mitigate the threats we face. Our ART Program provides the client with exactly what they need to do just that!

Location Reports

Our Location Reports are an extensive, easily navigated compilation of information specific to your travel location. In the report we assess and analyze all associated risk inherent in the area and provide you with information for awareness as well as mitigation advice to prevent becoming a victim. We take an in depth look at all risk factors for your specific area and break them down into 5 main topics.
* Discounts available for bulk reports.

Pre-Operational Site Survey

Preparing to operate your organization in a new location? Allow us to lay the ground work. A few of the things we can do for you; secure lodging, establish security procedures, transportation and routes, local contacts, establish evacuation procedures, establish safe homes and more. Regardless of location our professionals are ready to serve your needs.

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Executive Protection Services

For those that are looking for an additional level of security you should consider our Executive Protection Service. Dependent on your needs and requirements we can provide you with a highly trained agent. We have operators that are suited to typical security details as well as those that specialize in High Risk International Operations.

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Shipboard Security Force

If your organization is involved in High Value Transportation via ship then you may want to consider employing one of our security teams with the cargo. With a continually growing piracy problem in International waters a small investment on security could save your organization a substantial loss. Our Operators all have extensive Special Operations backgrounds and will provide the security your crew and cargo deserve.


Cost Varies

Omega Guardian Program

Your safe with us!

A Personal Locator Beacon. We provide the client with a concealable/disguised locator beacon that allows the user the ability to immediately send a distress signal as well as the monitors to ping the locator for location at any time. By allowing the client to control the monitoring we have turned this formerly cost prohibitive practice affordable for even the smallest organizations. We provide the product, set up the service and you pay as you need it.
COST AS LOW AS $150.00
* We also offer a similar service for
children in the Continental US (Kid

Courier Services

Do you have sensitive material you need transported securely and in a timely fashion. Trust it to a professional. Once you entrust us with the task you can rest assured it will be done, and done right. We’ll employ one of our contractors (with Government Clearance of Secret through Top Secret/SCI) with the task and deadline. Operative Worldwide

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Vulnerability Assessment

Already have a security system in place? Then this may be a great option for you. We can provide a vulnerability assessment with recommendations. This can be as basic as an academic review or as elaborate as a RED CELL Exercise (Intentional Breach by Opposition Team). This is an invaluable product for any established security procedure.


Innovative Training and Security Solutions

Innovative Training and Security Solutions are hallmarks of Omega Group Consultants. We take a great deal of pride in providing only the best of both. All of our contractors have extensive training, background experience and the character qualities expected from a premium company. You will see very early on that partnering with us is more than a business venture, it is long term relationship and we go to great lengths to protect our relationships.
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