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Basic Handgun: Trained To Shoot


“Basic Handgun: Trained To Shoot” Defensive Firearms Training. Robbie Wheaton of Wheaton Arms is using his experience from the Marine Corps and as a Master Class Competitor in IPDA, USPSA, and 3 Gun Matches, to provide a high level of instruction from basic to advanced courses in Self Defense Firearm Training.


  1. What is it with the big push for a CCW License? Don't people know that a license originates when government outlaws a right and sells that right back to you for money, through a permit?

  2. Good video and I like the fact that Robbie was a Lefty!  I kept waiting for the camera to pan down to his foot stance but it never showed much below the waist.  In future videos such as this be sure to instruct the camera person on what to include. 

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don't think you can keep your balance with your feet parallel in the second stand. The Weaver stand is more like a boxers stand. Also like in boxing, you don't want to be 'relaxed' it's more like you want to be 'loose'.  Helpful videos nevertheless. I think since I used to box  I'd combine between two.

  4. for weaver stand your upperbody should lean forward a little bit, how far? like 10 to 15 degrees forward? how much should you bend your knees.  elbows totally straight or slightly tiny bend? (for weaver and isosceles) thanks

  5. Great instruction! A very useful video – often the focus is on only the grip, whereas here, the approach to the grip is also covered. I find this information to be perfectly congruent with what Chris Costa or Travis Haley are advocating for grip.
    Especially useful, was the advice given here on what to do with the weak hand as your draw hand comes up from the holster for a two-handed grip – the advice on using your sternum as reference point is really useful when training any of the Costa or Haley drills.
    Thanks again!

  6. every person has a different combat stance, thats the bottom line. to each their own to each comfortability

  7. thanks a lot. that will help. my cousin who just got out of the marines taught me the same stuff but i haven't seen him in a while

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