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Best MMA Knockout and more – 2014


UNFORTUNATELY UFC BAN No. 3 video clip – sorry. BEST 10 Women Mma Knockouts in 2013&2014!
Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey, Veronica Macedo, Michele Angelo and other Women fighters.


Top 10 woman/female MMA submissions of the 2013-2014 without UFC

Top 15 MMA Submissions of the year 2014 – no UFC submissions!

Best Sports Highlights here:
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  1. i only watched for 2 minutes because every girl fought sloppy as hell with no skill. This is a man's sport

  2. My channel has lots of videos of hot girls getting dizzy and knocked out. Everyone should check them out!

  3. Referring to women as world class in the fight game is fair enough, as long as you temper this with the proviso that the 'class' is very, very limited and would not have graduated junior school. Due to genetic makeup, these girls have neither the strength nor the 'controlled' aggression, to make this freak show any more genuine than jelly wrestling! Before the morons go into meltdown, think about it. The ladies at the top of this 'sport' are either juiced up or the reality of it is, that Rousey would be demolished by the 'average' half athlete pub guzzling male. Years ago, a well respected boxing trainer refused to have anything to do with female combat. He rightly said that the 'so called' world champion contenders, in the female game, would be literally (used by definition and not the modern non-meaning) killed by the average Joe, club fighter. Regardless of whether he used his feet or not, the likes of Mayweather, a true genius who boxes not 'runs away', would obliterate the silly little girl Rousey. I would not pay to see it, and many who watch this non sport must be sad individuals. Many sports produce great female exponents, equally as watchable as their male counterparts, this, I'm afraid is equal opportunity for the sake of it. What are you watching guys? How many worthy female fighters are there worldwide; Two? None? It's a bad and sad joke and reflects only on the confused mess the ladies are in right now. Rousey, I might hazard a gues, wishes she had been born with a penis!!  Rousey? Please, I would break the bitch into 2 parts; not necessary equal. The weird and warped 'Cyborg' might be a steroid blown scary monster in the 'girly' world, but in reality is a totally pathetic freak. Stick to jelly wrestling ladies!

  4. 2:00 Two questions: 1. Who programmed this fight? 2. How the winner accept fight against a so amateur fighter like this girl?

  5. 2:00 Duas perguntas: 1. Quem colocou essa mulher pra lutar? 2. Como a oponente aceitou lutar com alguém tão amadora? MMA está banalizado e sem controle como era na década de 90.

  6. a la del puesto numero 8, la de los brazos tatuados, alguien le a dicho lo que es la MMA o sabe de algún arte marcial?…. por que parece que se esta pegando en la calle con su amiga después fde discutir, solo la a faltado tirarla del pelo ajjajaj

  7. In advance I apologize for my English, I write through the translator, itself from Ukraine. Fine video which very much motivates. It is interesting to learn your methods of trainings on bodybuilding and the street workout.

  8. Someone should be there with a fucking tranquilizer gun pointed right at him in case he got too crazy and started raping and stabbing that punching bag.

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