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Chris Harper-Mercer Connection to Radical Islam?


On a myspace page believed to be of the Oregon Shooter he has a connection to what appears to be a radical Islamist.
Obviously a troll campaign has been launched against this video, nobody at I.W.I. is scared of you, and at no point in time does this video attack Muslims or Islam in general, it goes out of its way to identify it as Radical Islam. We don’t care about your religious war and you’re not dragging us into it. You can see all of his online profiles in this video though at least 2 have been since removed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTRaR6imI18
You will not censor us, we are not afraid of any of you.
I’llwrite it article: http://www.illwriteit.com/cbs-identifies-oregon-shooter-as-chris-herper-mercer/
myspace: https://myspace.com/344765151 click connections to find Mahmoud Ali Ehsani
Myspace profile of connection: https://myspace.com/dick_hard_like_a_pistol/photos
Facebook page reported by someone in comments: https://www.facebook.com/unicornwhisperR?fref=ts This does not appear to be his facebook he posted 1 hour ago “trololol”
“Morgue pals” http://morguepenpals.yolasite.com/north-america.php 3rd account down from top.
“Spiritual Dating Site” is now down http://www.spiritualpassions.com/seeme/indigoravena.html
The torrent site http://kickass-torrents.ytsre.net/user/lithium_love/ has been removed, however you can still search for this url on google and then view the cached URL. There doesn’t appear to be an internet archive of it, but screenshots do exist on some websites.
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Part 1 of the famous PBS Documentary “Islam: Empire of faith” produced in 2000.


This part is about the Rasool Muhammad SAW and the rise of Islam after its early turbulent history.

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  1. I guess I'm one of those liberal morons you don't want to hear from. I get that. I'm not going to try to convince you of anything. I'd merely suggest that characters like Anders Breivik (Utoya, Norway), Elliot Rodger (Isla Vista), Dylann Roof (Charleston) and Chris Harper-Mercer all have very different ideologies. On top of that, each of their sets of ideologies contradicts itself in massive and often ridiculous ways. But they have certain similarities in other traits. So I think the answer to why these mass killings are happening is probably mostly in those other traits.

  2. I wonder why all his internet profiles have been taken down but not the myspace? I've seen myspace accounts taken down just hours after someone committed murder and it was only in the very local news that time.

  3. Radical muslims like him are here to kill you all, and you never know when and where, in fact you can never be ready to face them, all the problem is here.

  4. "it has not because of Islam, but because of this… stuff" more denial, just like our muslim president Obama. instead of admitting that Islam is a huge threat to our lives and our way of being, he calls for gun control. fucking moron.

  5. I can see a lot of liberal morons are getting upset about this video. Keep showing the word your lack of basic comprehension skills the video does not attack Muslims or make Muslims look bad, it shows you how idiotic liberals are, and how they jump to conclusions before watching something based on the title. I'll block/ban every single one of you, I have no desire to listen to the ramblings of an idiotic liberal or an entitled millennial. If you don't like the fact that Chris has a radical Islamist on his myspace page then do what you do so well, try to censor it, and try to get myspace to remove it. We're not scared of any of you.

  6. Im skeptical of this myspace page the info shows it was created yesterday.

    plus he is a self proclaimed Pagan / Wicca on his older profiles

  7. Nice try numbnuts. He idolized Nazis, was a self described conservative republican and had white supremacist leanings.

  8. He is the same Idiot like the east german Pegida nazis from germany. people from free human world, dont travel to east germany. The pegida People are Hitlers Children.

  9. This dude was mixed. I'm sorry to say it but white men should not date and marry black women. This is what those sort of relationships produce.

  10. Guys, indeed, there hasn´t been published enought information about the perpetraitor yet in order to make clear statements. Thus at the moment I don´t really think that he was a convinced Muslim who has given himself up to the jihad. But in fact persists one important question: "Why did he choose only christians as his victims?" If his motive would have been hatred against religion in general, he obviously would have asked the students if they believe in god, a thing in common of Muslims and Christians. Furthermore I am convinced the reason why he spared Muslims is that he had sympathised with the Islam which is charackterised by a different relationship to violence in comparison to Christianity. Moreove it´s a proven fact that he was impressed by people whose (in his opinion) "existance became sense" because of the public attention they gained by their brutality. Therefore it is really probably that his behavior was influenced by a possible connection to a radical islamist.

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