Wilderness Survival Elite

Course Overview

Knife and Flint
This course is designed to address almost every aspect of short and long term based survival in a global setting. Clients will not only effectively learn to withstand austere environments for the duration of most search and rescue scenarios, but they will also walk away with the mindset and mechanics necessary to establish a self-reliant capability regardless of location. Elite balances world class and comprehensive Academics with time tested Practical Exercises and plenty of unstructured time to allow Clients to truly learn, refine, and apply their skills as well as test their resourcefulness and wilderness spirit. Although no previous experience in wilderness survival is required to attend, we encourage new outdoorsmen and women to look into our Foundations level course prior to registering for Elite.

*Clients will spend four (4) nights outdoors.


Looking for a course that will push your skills to the limit and leave you prepared to survive a short overnight or the worst environments on the planet? Then look no farther than our Elite course! 5 days and 4 nights of education and real world application will challenge and train you for it all.All course attendees receive:

OGC Wilderness Survival: Elite WS-E) Certificate
Free Fire Starter Flint

MEALS PROVIDED! (Outside Food/Drink Permitted)

GAP Qualifying: YES
Skill Focus: Individual Mindset and Mechanics
Delivery: Campus or MTT
Target Audience: Any outdoors enthusiast – hikers, camper, skiers, hunters, photographers, etc.
Pre-requisites: NONE
Restrictions: NONE
Age Limit: 15+ to Attend Alone w/ Parent or Guardian
Course Length: 5 day/4 night | Outdoors – 106.5hrs
Activity Level: Moderate – High
Timeline: 7:30AM Day 1 – 6:00PM Day 5
Class Size: 1-10

Introduction to Survival
Pre-Trip Planning
Survival Shelter & Knots
Food Considerations
Traps & Snares
Game Kill
Recreational Shooting Dynamics – Intro to Hunting
Knife & Tool Care
Search & Rescue
Emergency Signaling
Land Navigation
Water Crossing
Arctic Living
Dessert Living
Tropical Living
Open Water Living
High Angle Considerations
Primitive Skills
First Aid
Survival Kits
Packing Considerations
Survival Living SitePlus Multiple HANDS ON Practical Exercises!

• Backpack (1 per group)
• Water bottle or Camelbak type hydration system
• Quality fixed-blade knife w/ belt mounted sheath*
• Knife sharpener (any handheld style)
• 200 feet of 550 cord or similar
• Snare wire
• Compass (1 per group)
• 2 clear trash bags
• Military style poncho or similar waterproof tarp (1 per group)
• Emergency space blanket
• Rite-in-the-Rain or similar notepad
• Pens/Pencils
• Fishing hooks, fishing line, weights, bobbers
• Work style gloves
• Clear lens eye protection
• Ear protection
• Metal canteen style cup (will be put in a camp fire!)*
• Minimal personal hygiene items (tooth brush, deodorant, etc.)
• Sunscreen (as necessary)
• Bug spray
• 3 sets of comfortable outdoor clothing, weather appropriate (including socks)
• 1 pair old sneakers/running shoes (will be worn during the water crossing!)
• Large towel
• Closed toe shoes*Items may be borrowed from OGC.
**All quantities are listed Per Person unless otherwise stated.

This course is offered at our Headland, AL. Training Compound and is also available from our MTT (Mobile Training Team).

If you’re interested in having this course conducted in your local area contact us now for information how.

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