Wilderness Survival Medicine - Basic

Course Overview

Don’t be caught without the lifesaving skills needed in a crisis!

Whether you’re a Soldier or civilian; an expert outdoors man or an amateur taking a hike in the woods the skills acquired in our Survival Medicine course are invaluable. They literally could save you or your teams life!


WSM-B is a one day 10 hour course. During this course you will receive intensive academic and hands on training from our medical team that will provide you invaluable life saving foundational skills.All course attendees receive:

  • OGC Wilderness Survival Medicine – Basic (WSM-B) Certificate (10 Training Hours)
  • 20% off OGC Merchandise the day of the course


There are no per-requisite requirements for this course.

Must be 18 years old

 CPR Training (children and adult)
Bleeding Control
Splinting Fractures
Airway Management
Treating Burns
Identifying, Preventing and Hot and Cold WX injuries
Treatment for Shock

Comfortable Clothing adequate for an outdoor environment

All medical supplies will be provided for training

This course is offered at our Headland, AL. Training Compound and is also available from our MTT (Mobile Training Team).

If you’re interested in having this course conducted in your local area contact us now for information how.

Check out our MTT promotional video below

Wilderness Survival Medicine - BASIC
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Wilderness Survival Medicine - BASIC
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