Combat Shooting Dynamics – Pistol: Advanced Concealed Carry

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide relevant, time tested solutions to the many aspects of carrying and employing a handgun in a defensive situation. Emphasis is placed on the principles established in CSC which allows clients to gain critical experience in assessing and resolving dynamic threats. A wide variety of range drills, from basic to multivariable stress fire scenarios, set the stage for an unparalleled shooting course that will leave you with the ability to positively influence any gun fight. This is a draw heavy course.

Note: You DO NOT need to have a Concealed Weapons Permit to attend this course.


“Skills and scenarios to come out on top.”1 HR. LUNCH BREAK. (Outside Food/Drink Permitted)

GAP Qualifying: YES
Round Count: 700 (Factory loaded, no +P or +P+)
Skill Focus: Individual Mindset and Mechanics
Delivery: Campus or MTT
Target Audience: New concealed carry shooters, concealed carry shooters wanting a strong academic and fundamentals refresher
Pre-requisites: CSC– or higher
Restrictions: No criminal history preventing the possession of a firearm
Age Limit: 18+
Course Length: 1.5 days | Class Room – 5hrs / Range – 8hrs
Activity Level: Mod – High
Timeline: 7:30AM – 5:00PM (Day 1) / 8:00AM – 2:00PM (Day 2)
Class Size: 1-15


• Safety Review
• Legal Introduction
• Choosing a Carry Handgun
• Choosing a Holster
• Ammunition & Ballistics
• Creating a Concealed Carry System
• Basic Threat ID Review
• Cover vs. Concealment
• Basic Life Support Systems Intro
• The Post Event Sequence
• Special Considerations
• Live Fire Range Drills Include:
o Proper Draw
o Reloading
o Resolving Malfunctions
o Threat ID
o Multiple Targets
o Turns
o Extreme Close Quarters
o Stress Fire
• Force on Force Scenarios
• Demonstrations
• And More!

• Semi-automatic handgun in good working order
• 700 rounds factory loaded ammunition (No +P or +P+)
• 3-5 standard capacity magazines
• Inside the Waist Band (IWB) style concealed carry holster that allows one handed re-holster (No Appendix holsters)
• Belt mounted magazine pouch (single, double, or triple)
• Belt
• Ear protection
• Eye protection
• Comfortable outdoor clothing, weather appropriate
• Cover garment (vest, jacket, long tail t-shirt, etc.) which completely covers the handgun while holstered
• Closed toe shoes
• Water bottle or Camelbak type hydration system

*Equipment Rental Packages include ear/eye protection, holster, magazine pouch, and a firearm (9mm: Beretta 92 series or Glock 17/19). They are available on a first come – first serve basis for $20.00. Please select this option at registration.

**Ammunition can be provided at market rates, but must be selected and paid for at registration.

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Combat Shooting Dynamics – Pistol: Advanced Concealed Carry
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Combat Shooting Dynamics – Pistol: Advanced Concealed Carry
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