Women's Dynamic Defense Course

Course Overview

Women's Defense mouth hold This course is designed to provide women with the knowledge and tools necessary to quickly and effectively address many of the challenges they face when targeted by an aggressor. Drawing from 3 separate full length courses including Comprehensive Situation Control (CSC), Practical Combatives (PC), and the option for Recreational Shooting Dynamics – Responsible Handgun (RSD-RH),

Women’s Dynamic Defense combines the core concepts and skill sets into a simple and user friendly system for properly recognizing threats, avoiding a critical situation whenever possible, and recovering control if necessary. Elements of this course are intended to provide an introductory amount of Stress Inoculation in order to better prepare Clients for dealing with the emotional reaction of being involved in a real world critical situation.

*This course includes Hands On Self Defense Practical Exercises.

**The Responsible Handgun  (RSD-RH) portion of this course is an OPTIONAL ADD-ON that must be selected at registration.

Women’s Dynamic Defense:
Ladies, come join us for an excellent evening of Self Defense Training. During the course we will teach you the knowledge and skills necessary to thwart an attacker as well as allow you the opportunity to practice your new skills against our Instructors!All graduates receive:

OGC Women’s Dynamic Defense Course Certificate

GAP Qualifying: YES
Skill Focus: Individual Mindset and Mechanics
Delivery: Campus or MTT
Target Audience: Females
Prerequisites: NONE
Restrictions: NONE
Age Limit: 13+ (Minors require parental consent form signature)
Course Length: 3.5 Hours
Activity Level: Moderate
Timeline: 6:00 PM -9:00PM Basic Package
Timeline:  Handgun Option Varies (See Booking)
Class Size: 12


• The C.S.C. Chain
• The M-E-T Triangle
• A.I.M.
• Understanding Aggressors
• Lowering Your Value
• Levels of Awareness
• Gaining & Maintaining Situational Awareness
• Avoidance
• Controlling the Battle Space
• Barriers to Recovery
• Fight-or-Flight Management
• Critical Communication
• The Post Event Sequence
• The Aftermath
• And Much More!PC
• Proper Posture
• Basic Choke Defense
• Take Down Awareness
• Red Man Drills

• Safety
• Parts & Function
• Ammunition Selection
• Range Etiquette
• Shooting Fundamentals
• Live Fire Familiarization

EQUIPMENT• Comfortable athletic clothing, weather appropriate
• Closed toe shoes
• Water bottle or Camelbak type hydration system

If You Register for the RSD-RH Add-On You May Bring the Following:

• Handgun*
• 50 Rounds Ammunition* (Factory loaded, no +P or +P+)
• Eye protection*
• Ear protection*

*All equipment, including firearm and ammunition, for the RSD-RH portion of training can be provided by OGC at NO COST.

This course is offered at our Headland, AL. Training Compound | My Home | and is also available from our MTT (Mobile Training Team).

See Booking For Your course location (it will also be provided in your ‘Welcome Letter’

If you’re interested in having this course conducted in your local area contact us now for information how.

Women's Dynamic Defensive Course
July 11, 2016
6:00 pm
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This event will take place at Shane's home (Equipped with a Matted Gym) in Headland AL. The RSD (handgun) option allows you to also attend our Recreational Shooting Dynamics - Responsible Handgun Course on July 30th at the OGC Range for a discounted rate.
Women's Dynamic Defensive Course
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