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Thank you for your interest in joining the OGC and BSCG family. Our Instructors are selected based on their integrity, expertise, experience, customer service skills, professionalism, judgment, and equally important, an ability to effectively teach Clients of all ages and backgrounds. Similarly, our business and administrative Staff are carefully screened for their know-how and related experience. One of the most sought after qualities of any prospective employee is their understanding and dedication to the idea that they are the face of our organization and as such their actions, on and off the job, represent all of us. Our main focus after safety is Client success.

Steps to employment:

  1. Application Request
  2. Criminal Background Check
  3. Detailed Application Submission
  4. Credentials/Records Verification
  5. Structured Interview
  6. Basic Skills Evaluation
  7. Conditional Offer
  8. Instructor Qualification Course (IQC)

Current Openings

OGC is currently in a joint effort to capture a government contract for 2017. We are currently screening applicants resumes that meet qualifications for selected positions on that contract.

Applicants must be SERE C graduates capable of possessing a secret security clearance and willing to relocate to Southern Alabama.

In addition below are some other positions we are always considering.

  • Independent Instructor Positions (Contracted Part-Time)
    • Combat Shooting Dynamics – Rifle
    • Combat Shooting Dynamics – Shotgun
    • Wilderness Survival – Advanced
  • Precision Rifle Course Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Internships
    • Assistant Instructor – All Courses/Programs
    • IT – Web Design, Database Development, Video Editing

The Hiring Process can take up to 6 months from the Application Request submission to a Conditional Offer of employment. If selected, new employees must successfully complete the 3-14+ day Instructor Qualification Course (IQC), depending on the position(s) they will be filling. Following completion of IQC, all trainers will enter into the Instructor Development Program (IDP). As part of the IDP, Instructors have plenty of opportunity to attend additional professional courses paid for by OGC.

*A $25 Application Fee is applied towards a complete criminal background check and is non-refundable.

**No prior military or law enforcement experience is required to apply for any instructional positions unless dictated in our posting.

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