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How to Poo in the Woods Video


Video By T Jack Survival
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Number of speakers: 2 (Tyler & Kirsten)
Duration: 6 min 26sec

How to poo in the woods

Tyler: “Alright this is Tyler with T Jack Survival and I am here with…

Kirsten: “Kirsten Rechnitz”

Tyler: ” And we are gonna talk about how to potty in the woods”

Kirsten: ” Because It’s kind of a big deal.”

Tyler: “Here we go.”

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Tyler: “Alright, talk to me about how we do this.”

sagebrush_basin_leaves2Kirsten: “Well, I’d like to give a specific shout out to women right now because there’s not a ton of information on what you should do when you have to go either number one or number 2 in the wilderness. So, to begin with, I like to look for things that seem like they’d be enjoyable to use. This right here is big sage brush which has antimicrobial properties to it as well, but its nice and soft. I might come up with a large leaf and fold it over and often times I actually end up using smooth sticks or even flat rock and I’ll tell you why, and this is where we are gonna get real personal ok? Ladies, the biggest issue in the wild is the last drop that can get caught in your underwear. So we have 2 problems here. One is we don’t want to do a heavy wipe so we strip away good bacteria and also we don’t want to leave any drops to dry in our underpants. Gross yucky right? Smelly, nasty. So with any of these materials when you’re going number one, you don’t need to actually wipe..you pat. Pat Pat Pat Pat. “

Tyler: “This I learned.”

Kirsten: “This, this we’re learning right? Pat pat pat and give it a little shake. Yeah and I even pull my butt cheeks apart and give it a little shake.”

Tyler: “Nice.”

t jackKirsten: “The biggest deal is to hang out there for a moment. Don’t get any cuts. Use material that is soft and friendly. Give it a little pat, but don’t wipe. For number two. Always make sure you wipe from front to back. Same for guys as well, but when your choosing materials, once again you want to have a plethora of them before you go because emergency situations never work out well. Right? Nobody wants to poop on their pants or their foot for that matter. So just have a bunch of material collected and just be clean with it. If it’s super wet just throw some sand up there to kind of dry it out a little bit so its easier to get off. Is this grossing you out a little bit?”

Tyler: ” Nice. No, no, I’m just thinking these are good ideas and I wish I knew about them a long time ago.”

Kirsten: ” Yeah, ok ok. So sometimes throw a little sand up there, dry it out a little bit and then have a ton of material with you so that your not wiping twice with a dirty leaf or rock or pine cone that’s smooth that your using in the right direction.”

Tyler: ” Yeah they are not omni-directional.”

Kirsten: “They are not omni-directional, defiantly watch out for that. But really just don’t want to get cut and you wanna make sure that you don’t leave anything left, ya know.”

Tyler: “No hangers.”

Kirsten: “No hangers. Hangers are really bad. Hangers create agitation and irritation and can lead to having a lot of discomfort in your bum.”

Tyler: “Yes. Can you use these for number two?”

Kirsten: “Absolutely. I would use a number of these for number two and the biggest thing about sticks and rocks is the slow wipe. This is not like a soft tissue, lovely like I can just stow off after this easily. You gotta be careful because if that stick is about to get caught up on something you want to back off otherwise if you keep going your gonna cut your bum.”

Tyler: “Awesome.”

Kirsten: “So, smooth sticks, smooth rocks, they work great just make sure you take your time. I definitely prefer having a ton of leaves in my hand like I would have a wade of toilet paper  to use a little bit smoother. That said you wanna watch out for things that are too waxy. Waxy is not going to do you favors. Its just going to slide.”

Tyler: “So what are some of the best leaves or plants to look for for this purpose?”

Verbascum_thapsus_mullein_leaf_rose_dewy_80d71da1-c098-4cb9-a9a3-cc6ffc8e7d4b_largeKirsten: ” So I would say, something like the sage brush that already has bacterial static property is great. You don’t want to over use it because you want to keep good bacteria in your system  but something like this is going to do you well. Out here some Mullein leaf is phenomenal. It’s like having this giant piece of velvety toilet paper out here with you. So carry those around are great but any larger leaves will do. Just a mass or bunch of them before you dig the hole and get it on.”


Tyler: ” Nice. Is there any specific trick with the rock or any type of rock? Like river rock VS the salt granite?”

rock 2Kirsten: “Totally. When we are talking about the salt this is an extrusive, igneous born of lava, dried rapidly with all these little holes in it and jagged edges. If you can find it smooth that would be great but, I guess I don’t usually use it because, it can tend to have some jagged corners that come out of nowhere. right? Sand stone usually you can find a piece that looks good but sometimes, its like sandpaper. It can be a little gritty and leave a little bit of a rash. So once again it comes down to the slow wipe. See how your doing and if its feeling good continue on.”

Tyler: “No friction burns.”

Kirsten: ” No friction burns. If it’s not working then drop it and go find something else.”

Tyler: “Alright, this has been What to use when you gotta poo. Alright? thanks Kirsten. If you like this video please hit that subscribe button. Yeah.”

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