Identification and De-escalation

Merging Mindset and Mechanics

The only confrontation you’re guaranteed to win is one that is avoided. This is exactly why Threat Identification and De-escalation are important skills to have in your tool bag. While these skills are important for everyone they are even more so for staff that interact with the public. It is inevitable that at times you will likely be faced with an angry patron.

Your staff’s interaction and ability to de-escalate could very well mean the difference between a short verbal discussion or a hostile assault. Obviously the latter has a much greater impact on your staff as well as your

Comprehensive Situational Control

WHAT IS C.S.C. ? Comprehensive Situational Control is the proprietary course of Blue Spear Consulting Group, a premier tactical training company. OGC is the only authorized provider of this training! Comprehensive Situational Control is an in-depth and user friendly program designed to provide simple and adaptable solutions to a complex variety of dangerous encounters an individual might face. The course is intended to shape our Clients’ mentality and approach to daily life in such a way that they become highly proficient at recognizing and avoiding critical situations while simultaneously arming them with the ability to recover from those situations should the need arise. It is best to think of C.S.C. as the “software” that enables our Clients to better employ the skills taught in all supplemental courses. Every technique introduced in follow on training is just a part of a readily available “tool box” which is applied in accordance with the principles of C.S.C. in order to quickly and safely resolve a critical situation. After all, anyone can be shown how to properly shoot a firearm or apply an arm bar. The real value in training with OGC comes from learning how to not have to, and then learning how to do it correctly if you have no other choice. The bottom line is that C.S.C. is fundamentally aimed at instilling the proper mind-set and mechanics of controlling and positively influencing your situation.

C.S.C. Topics

• Types, Tools, and Goals of Aggressors
• The C.S.C. Chain
• The M-E-T Triangle
• The A.I.M. Method
• Levels of Awareness
• Gain & Maintain Situational Awareness
• Proper Posture
• Threat Identification
• Security Philosophy
• Methods of Avoidance
• Cover and Concealment
• De-escalation
• Trigger Points
• Barriers to Recovery
• Stress
• Practical Combatives Introduction
• The Post Event Sequence
• Critical Communication
• The Aftermath
• And More!

Course Options

We have two options for the Comprehensive Situational Control Course.

C.S.C. Lite : In the Lite version we cover the material at a sufficient level for retention through lecture based discussion and a written test. The Lite Version can be tailored for a 2-4 hour block of instruction. (2 hours would not include the written exam)

COST: $50.00 Per Client ($200.00 Minimum)

C.S.C. Full : The full version of C.S.C. is the same as the Lite version with a bit more in depth discussion on certain topics as well as some experiential learning scenarios (Role play). C.S.C. Full can be tailored to a 6-8 hour block of instruction. (Certificate Producing)

COST : $200.00 Per Client ($600.00 Minimum)
* Discounts given for larger groups

How does the program work?

C.S.C. delivers an unparalleled learning experience by uniquely blending the typical classroom setting with spontaneous, live action, immersive Interjected Role Play demonstrations and practical exercises. This combination allows Clients to fully invest in the learning process which produces the most efficient ratio of training time to improved performance.

Initially, Instructors clearly lay the academic foundation for Clients to effectively gain and maintain proper proactive situational awareness, identify types of threats from straightforward to sophisticated aggressors, assess the physical and psychological tools being used against them, and prioritize appropriate avoidance techniques or apply the necessary corrective action required to regain control.

Then as the 1 day course progresses, Clients will build on the basics by facing short duration scenarios which call on their ability to adapt what they have been shown to relevant, real world problem sets. This immediate feedback to Clients ensures they have a more complete understanding of the principles of C.S.C.

Coming Soon

Web Based Training

Individual Web Based Training Option

We are currently working on a web based training platform for the C.S.C. Course. This option will allow individual to take the training and receive the Lite Certification. Additionally we are producing a refresher training module to allow clients to brush up on their previously taken training.
Price : TBD

Organizational Instructor Package

The Organizational Instructor Package will provide instructor training to your internal Organizational Trainer/s. Additionally it will provide the instructor with the materials needed to train your personnel.
Price : TBD

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