Omega Guardian Program is a comprehensive risk mitigation program that has multiple options for our clients. The core of the program relies on concealable/disguised locator beacons carried by our clients that allow the user the ability to immediately send a distress signal as well as the monitors to ping the locator for location at any time. However, the locators are just the core! The Guardian Program additionally has other options and features associated with it that our clients may elect to use all of which are described in detail below.

Formerly Cost Prohibitive

One of OGC’s goals in the creation of the Guardian Program was to make it affordable for the average citizen. Due to modern smart technology we’ve been able to do just that by allowing the client to control monitoring.

-Client Monitored

By allowing the clients to monitor and respond to the duress beacons we are able to bring the service cost significantly lower than any other option available on the market. Don’t worry, we provide you with an informational walk through of how your monitor can ideally react to a distress alert from your beacon.  Beyond our locator service you will see there is much more to the Guardian Program, all at very reasonable cost!


Identity Insurance

Our Personnel Profiles act as an identification insurance and assist in the process of verifying your identity in a recovery effort. This is a free service of the Guardian Program and one we highly encourage everyone to take advantage of. You have two options with this service. We can maintain your profile on our ‘offline’ database or you can have someone of your choice maintain it. You will be provided the forms and instructions upon entering the program.


Our International Location Reports are an extensive, easily navigated compilation of information specific to your travel location. In the report we assess and analyze all associated risk inherent in the area and provide you with information for awareness as well as mitigation advice to prevent becoming a victim.
We take an in depth look at all risk factors for your specific area and break them down into 5 main topics.


Criminal Threat Report provides valuable information on crime statistics and analysis of the location you will be traveling to. This report covers everything to petty crimes to terrorist threats along with mitigating information to employ during your travel to that specific region.

Biological Report is aimed at educating the client on the health risk associated with travel to the area. It will cover specific health (Biological) concerns and steps taken to minimize exposure, identify symptoms, facilitate treatment and more.

Climate Report provides a study of likely meteorological threats the traveler may face during their visit. It also addresses considerations to keep in mind with regard to those threats.

Geological Report is aimed at educating the traveler with pertinent information on geological threats in the area such as earthquakes, mudslides, avalanches, etc.. The Geological  and Climate threat somewhat run hand in hand.

Cultural Report provides cultural study information and general traveler information pertinent to your trip. It is in this section that you will see lists like ‘Cultural Do’s and Dont’s’ and ‘Visa restrictions’ etc..


We do not disclose all the sources we use, however our research pulls from numerous credible and official sources. Some of which are openly available to the public (ie. CIA Factbook, Library of Congres, CDC, etc..) and others which require very expensive subscriptions (ie. TRAC; Terrorist Research  and Analysis Consortium, etc..). In addition we pull from trusted human sources on the ground when available. We have an extensive network and it is continually expanding to provide you critical and accurate information.

Our program is the affordable solution for travelers who take security seriously. From the pre-trip planning to the arrival home we are there with you the entire way. We provide an extensive location report and the means for continual monitoring during your trip , allowing you the peace of mind to concentrate on your work while we focus on your safety.

Distress Locators

The Omega Beacon is the heart of the program. It is a small easily concealed and carried device that allows your immediate location to be identified and tracked by our security staff or your own handler (depending on the subscription you choose). In the event of a crisis you can immediately send a distress signal through an SOS button available on it or the handler can remote access it if desired. When the SOS function is triggered it will send a pinpoint grid coordinate location to via SMS to the pre-programmed number in the locator. In addition to location it provides us the ability to open a line and monitor audio at the location of distress. There are other features such as Geo-fencing and two way audio communications that certain high risk clientele may choose as an option.


Our Kids Safe Program falls under the Guardian Program. It is essentially the same thing with the exception that is geared toward child safety and recovery at your home area. Geo-fencing is often utilized for this program. Geo-fencing allows you to set a perimeter (yard, block, city, etc..) and the locator will automatically send a distress signal if it breaches that perimeter, along with tracking ability.

We carry a large variety of beacons that range in style and size. Some examples are

Childs watch

Child necklace pendant

Adult Sport watch

Adult Dress watch

Stock beacon (looks similar to a key fob)

and more..

We also offer vehicle beacons as well.

When you contact us to enter into the program we will discuss your desired locator and provide you specs and various options to select from. All prior to any commitment of course.

Subscription Based

Once you purchase your initial package (includes locator beacon) there are no more required fees.

Our program is subscription based to provide the client an affordable ‘use it when you need it solution’.**


You simply start and stop your subscription as needed on a monthly basis. It is a flat fee system and there are no charges associated with starting and stopping your subscription as many times as you need.

** We are always looking to provide the best cost/quality solutions to our clients. As of now our SIM cards expire after 2 years of inactivity. If you do not use your SIM card in a 2 year period you will have to purchase another SIM card (at cost) when ready to utilize the locator again.

Monitoring & Service

We offer two package choices for our clients.

Most Popular Package

We act as your carrier. This is similar to a cell phone carrier (Think Pre-paid). Your locator will come preloaded with available service. If you use up the service and need to refill you simple order more time from us at our current rate (very affordable). Currently we can cover virtually any country in the World for service.
Note: Our beacons offfer various features (dependant on model chosen). If you are only using the beacon for distress purposes you should use no airtime otherwise, however if you utilize it for normal text, geofencing, etc. you will obviously need to maintain appropriate data service.
Our most commonly used SIM at this time has coverage in over 200 Countries.  (Click to enlarge)sim-countries1

Secondary Package

You provide your own SIM card and handle the service/data/etc… We will provide you with documentation on how to do so.

By allowing our clients to monitor their own locator it makes it an easily affordable solution. This is an easy process. You will provide us with the cell phone number(s) that you would like the distress signal and location to be sent to in the event of an emergency. We will program the locator for your chosen number before shipping it to you. We will also provide you with documentation to walk you through the programming process so you have the option to change the numbers at will. It’s a fairly straight forward and easy process, but our technical support team is always available to walk you through it if you need a hand. Once you have your locator you will be live and poised to react to any distress calls. In addition we also provide you documentation on the other features of your specific locator and how to utilize them such as geofencing, hear through capability; and two way communication. Your monthly service fee will directly correspond to the airtime you use so just keep that in mind. We provide up front rates and keep them as low as possible to keep our product affordable for the mass market. Depending on your needs you can start and stop your service without penalty fees and utilize it as needed for your personal security concerns.


We maintain an active profile on all of our clients which allows us to provide an immediate victim portfolio to recovery authorities. This save hours at a time when seconds matter. Best of all we make the process easy with our questionnaire specifically tailored for recovery purposes. Of course all profile information is kept strictly confidential and only utilized for emergency recovery purposes.


In the unfortunate event you are taken captive we provide a thorough debrief by our trained staff upon your recovery and return to the US. You can come to our home location or we can conduct the debrief via video conference. In certain recovery’s we will cover the cost of transportation and lodging for the debrief. This service is of course optional, but highly encouraged. Through it you will receive valuable techniques to assist you in your recovery and reintegration with family and friends. In addition it will allow us to document and share critical criminal procedures to share with others to aide in avoiding others becoming victims.

The Omega Guardian Program in its most simplified explanation is a protective service that watches over you from Pre-Trip through Return Home. We do this by first providing you with invaluable information to assist in the mitigation of threats associated with your travel area. We continue the process by satellite monitoring your location and alerting and assisting recovery authorities (if needed) during your travels.

Your Safety ; The Safety and Return of our clients is our primary goal and our specialty. While no organization can offer a 100% guarantee in this area we can assure you that Omega Group Consultants is a  highly qualified and passionate select group of experts dedicated to your protection!