Monday, May 29, 2017

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We offer a wide array of training and services specifically designed for organizations. Explore the sections below to find the ones that best suit your organizational needs. We specialize is customizing our programs and services to meet our clients needs so please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.

Additionally you may want to browse the various courses we offer in our individual section as we can provide them for your group as well. You can access those through the ‘courses’ tab in the toolbar above.

Active Shooter


On this page you can review, inquire, and order our various Active Shooter related training and services.

Active Shooter Incidents by Location %

  • Business
  • School
  • Other
  • Outdoors

At Risk

At Risk

Training and Services

On this page you can review the many training and services we offer geared toward higher risk environments and mitigation.

Identification and De-escalation

Identification and Deescalation

This page covers Comprehensive Situational Control a Blue Spear Consulting Group course offered exclusively through O.G.C. This is an excellent program for individuals that have public interaction as part of their occupation.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Coming Soon! Our Leadership Training event is a lecture based working group program aimed at helping your team develop and refine their leadership ability.



Page Coming Soon: Our team-building events are a unique experience your organization will not forget. We offer many options to accommodate your particular needs and goals. From fun to challenging we have a program right for you!

Organizational Wellness

Organizational Wellness

Page Coming Soon: Our Organizational Wellness Program design and implementation will get your organization well on the way to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Which in turn helps your organization operate smoothly.

Organizational Wellness Statistics

28% Reduction in sick days
26% Reduction in Health Cost
30% Reduction in W.C. and Disability Claims
Average of $5.93 to $1.00 cost ration