The Survival Experience!

Course Overview

Come join us on a weekend getaway in the Conecuh National Forest. Enjoy a unique experience that you will always remember. All the while gaining insight and understanding of wilderness survival at the same time.

Bottom Line: This experience will allow you to walk a mile in their shoes so to speak. You will enjoy a mix of recreational camping, training, and a culminating experiential exercise that puts you in a realistic survival situation.

The event consist of Three (3) days and Two (2) Nights of training and recreation.

We begin the event with the attendees showing up at the campground and getting our base station set up for the weekend adventure. The first day is laid back and clients can show throughout the day as their schedule allows. By all means it’s great to show up early as we’re always looking to exploit everything as a learning opportunity, however day one is a fun day. Day two is when the action kicks off with the classes and training. Over the course of the weekend you will receive training and experience practical application exercises in the following categories:

Introduction to Survival and Survival Psychology

Survival Knots

Survival Shelters

Procuring, Purifying and Filtering Water

Survival Fire

Food Procurement and Gathering

Traps and Snares

Signals, Recovery and Rescue

Packing Considerations

Each training topic will be covered in detail and the clients will have ample opportunity to practice and succeed at related topical exercises. The course culminates with an experiential training event allowing you the opportunity to tie it all together!

The event is centered on being a fun and educational experience that you won’t forget.  Though survival is the training focus the environment is one of relaxed camping with some experiential training mixed in. Great campfire food and drinks will be provided the entire event and there will be plenty of time for socializing and relaxing as well in the evenings.

You are welcome to bring your own camping supplies or utilize ours during the course of the event. If you have a tent feel free to bring it and set up, otherwise you can stay (with other guests) in an OGC provided tent(s). See packing list for more information.

About our Perspective Programs

Perspective Experiences are customizable adventure based programs designed to provide Clients an unmatched introspective look at themselves in order to shape their mindset, restructure their outlook on life, and unlock their ultimate potential. Ideal for self-development or team building, PE’s are offered in a variety of options from overnight guided outdoor trips to longer and more dynamic scenario based evolutions. A Perspective Experience is guaranteed to deliver “Powerful Insight Enabling Powerful Change.”



Looking for an adventurous challenge that develops your toolbox and gives you the ability to experience the great outdoors from the point of view of a survivor? This Perspective Program is perfect for you. It’s a perfect mix of training, recreation, and experience that will leave you with a new perspective on Survival!

ALL MEALS PROVIDED! (Feel free to bring whatever you want additionally)

GAP Qualifying: NO
Skill Focus: Individual Mindset and Mechanics | Group Dynamics
Delivery: MTT
Target Audience: Any outdoors enthusiast – hikers, camper, skiers, hunters, photographers, etc.
Pre-requisites: NONE
Restrictions: NONE
Age Limit: 17+ to Attend Alone; No age restriction on attendance, however the course material is designed for an adult audience. Children may be present provided they do not distract from the training.
*NOTE: The culminating exercise is an experiential training event. You will participate in it with your children if you have them. This adds additional challenges, as well as realism for your particular experience.
Course Length: 3 days/2 nights | Outdoors – 60hrs (est.)
Activity Level: Mild | Portions of training are Moderate
Timeline: Day 1 – Show as able (Instructor will be present at noon | Day 3 event will conclude aprox. noon, however client’s may continue to enjoy the site longer.
IJRP/SBT: Yes for portions of event
Class Size: 1-25
Promotional Cost
Single Client : 200 | Friends : 300 | Family : 325

*Course must receive 4 enrollments to take place. In the event you’ve paid and the course does not go you will receive a refund immediately upon cancellation.

Course will go regardless of weather: Exception is for dangerous conditions.

Introduction to Survival
Survival Shelter & Knots
Food Considerations
Traps & Snares
Search & Rescue
Emergency Signaling
Land Navigation
Packing Considerations
Survival Living Site
Multiple HANDS ON Practical Exercises and culminating exercise!
– Appropriate attire for outdoor camping
– Bedding (Sleeping Bag)
– Adequate Footwear for hiking
– Water bottle or Camelbak type hydration system
– Minimal personal hygiene items (tooth brush, deodorant, etc.)
Optional and Encouraged
• Tent
• Backpack
• Quality fixed-blade knife w/ belt mounted sheath*
• 50 feet of 550 cord or similar
• Snare wire
• Compass (1 per group)
• 1 clear trash bag
• Rite-in-the-Rain or similar notepad
• Pens/Pencils
• Work style gloves
• Clear lens eye protection
• Metal canteen style cup (will be put in a camp fire!)*
• Sunscreen (as necessary)
• Bug spray
• 3 sets of comfortable outdoor clothing, weather appropriate (including socks)
• Closed toe shoes

This course is offered by MTT (Mobile Training Team) at various locations around the World.

If you’re interested in having this course conducted in your local area contact us now for information how.

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Perspective | The Survival Experience
January 27, 2017
1:00 pm
Conecuh National Forest
Perspective | The Survival Experience
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