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TOP 10 Freak Show Fights in MMA


We can’t be serious all the time. Enjoy! -OGC

The sport of mixed martial arts started as a spectacle. with no weight classes and no rules to prove which fighting style was the best. Modern MMA has evovled and implemented weight classes and regulation in the united states, but overseas it is still shown for its pure entertainment value. Freak show fights with no weight classes often occur in japan where there isn’t a commission and this practice isn’t sanctioned in the U.S.

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Shane Blevins
Shane Blevins retired from the US Army at 20 years of service. During his career he served in Special Operations and the US Army SERE School. He is currently a senior program developer for OGC and operates an online entrepreneurial network. He is happily married to his wife Jennifer and has 5 children.


  1. I learn something from this video… If you're really big fighting with smaller guys in mma, you will loose 90% of the time.

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