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Using Tech for Survival Prep


imagesWhatever reason you may have for prepping, whether you just want to be safe in case of the next tornado or the next world war, you may have your mind stuck on the thought that technology will do you no good in any sort of natural disaster or post-apocalyptic ravaged world. However, not all tech runs on the grid, and not all danger scenarios call for the grid to go down or an EMP to knock our gadgets out cold.

Think about how often you get online now and look up info on how to be prepared for anything that may come your way. The internet has made it easier for people to find out how to clean lake water and how to build a shelter. The internet and blogger websites aren’t the only ways that technology can help you in a survival situation.

Help From Computers

You still want to have your computer, while you can. Even people living off the grid find ways to get online sometimes, if they want to. If anything, it’s a great way to connect with other preppers.

For prepping, though, it’s very useful to have a secure server where your laptop or home computer stays protected from outside threats. The information you have stored is something you don’t want others getting a hold of, especially if you are making plans for your safety or just storing all of your most important data.

Just because people always talk about being off the grid all the time when it comes to homesteading and survivalism doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your computer. It can do so much to help you get prepared for anything that is to come.

solarSolar And Wind Power

Technology has brought the world a great many things, and sometimes it reminds people that the power they need to do what they want to is already in nature. Any homesteader or survivalist can greatly benefit from solar and wind energy.

While wind power may not be the ideal choice if you need to leave your home, or bug out, but it is an excellent source of energy for anyone that is bugging in or wants to run their electricity off the grid.

Having solar power not only helps you from home, but it can also be easily toted along if you need to leave your home. A solar charger for phones and computers can make the difference between staying connected or losing touch in a survival scenario.

Water Safety And Technology

waterAnother way that technology has made leaps and bounds in the world of disaster preparedness is through easy to use water cleaning systems. While you can easily boil water when you have a working stove, starting a fire in the middle of nowhere and boiling pond water may not be easy or safe.

Hopefully, as a prepper, you have some water stored away for emergencies. But gallons of water may not be easy to lug around if you need to hit the road, so you’ll want something you can use to disinfect water, like a portable water filter. You can even find them in easy to carry personal water bottles or handheld devices like straws which can filter and clean water in the time it takes to literally drink it through a straw.

First Aid For The Future

first aidEvery prepper knows the importance of first aid. You’ve probably got a book or two on emergency medical instructions, and maybe you even have a trauma kit (you should). But these are old school compared to some of the things technology is coming up with.

In fact, the U.S. Military is working on an amazing invention that may help stop bleeding almost immediately in major wounds, like those from a gunshot. This could be great not just on the battlefield, but also on the home front in the case of major disasters.




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