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When Taunting Goes Wrong



  1. Should put the Mir vs Kongo fight in here; Kongo taunted him at the weigh-in by turning around, and Mir made a gesture by crossing him hands over his neck, as if to say "I'm gonna choke you out" Which is what he did in the first round of the fight.

  2. 2:22 Spider Silva got shut up, ha. They thought it was a lucky shot, well maybe they shouldn't have since he broke Silva's leg.

  3. Anderson Silva deserved everything he got the daft twat. Guy has no respect the way he arses about during a fight. A real warrior dies not show boat, he gets on with the task. Nick Diaz was clearly pissed off at all the titting about Anderson does so I wouldn't say it should be here in the video. Anderson was amazing at this point but it was sickening the stuff he did and at points he just didn't fight and wanted the other guy to come forward. Pure arrogance. He got too big for his boots and got beat fair twice for his title. Karma bit him in the arse. Much deserved. Great skills, perhaps the best skill set ever but as a guy and a role model, he was a dick.

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