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You’re a Prepper and don’t even know it…..Here’s why

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It’s quite often I hear the phrase ‘I’m not really a prepper, but…”. I realize most people make this statement because their idea of a prepper is the typical NATGEO depiction of a Doomsday Survivalist. In reality the term prepper is much more broad and that is only one end of the spectrum. I would personally fall closer to that end (without the illogical fantasies) than many of you, none-the-less we’re both preppers. I prepper by its core meaning is someone who prepares for unexpected events. With that in mind I would venture to say that everyone of you reading this are to some degree a prepper. Let me drive the point home with a few examples.

Car insurance/Seat Belts : If you utilize car insurance or seat belts you are preparing for an accident. You surely don’t expect to have one, but you’re erring on the side of caution.

House Locks/Home Alarm : Do you lock your doors at night? Most likely do and do so because they don’t want an unwelcome visitors while they’re away or asleep. Once again ..Prepper

Regular Doctor Check ups: I’m not referring to going to the doctor for an illness but rather a preemptive visit like an annual physical or flu shot. You’re taking measures to avoid or minimize possible future events…….. Hard Core Prepper….ok maybe not hard core.

I could continue but I think you get the idea. The bottom line is all of us prep and being a prepper is normal, not the eccentric fringe of society NATGEO portrays or many picture in their mind. Of course the same goes for those who refer to themselves as preppers as well. They typically include a much more robust mitigation plan and measures than mentioned above, but is that really a bad thing?

I meant let’s think about it. We all prep to some degree to minimize unforeseen events so why would we not want to minimize as much as we can without disrupting our lives or obsessing on it. At the end of the day it’s each individuals personal choice and tolerance for risk vs reward when they decide to what level they wish to prepare. I would encourage everyone to at a minimum be prepared for localized climate emergencies as they are a relatively likely event and being prepared for such a thing will minimize the impact and could save your life.
Happy Prepping!