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ZDF – Islam – Effects on Germany


A very important and sobering documentary that clearly illustrates how catastrophic islam and non-Western immigration, has been, and still very much is, for Germany
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  1. "You are born here? You are German. Yes, exactly." NO, this retard is not a German and never will be!

    Just because one has a countrie's passport doesn't automatically make him part of that ethnic group. This guy wasn't socialized and raised in a German way. At home he speaks his own language with their parents and they have no historic ties with Germany, like a family tree etc. nor will he marry a German woman. They maintain a segregated life style and culture!

    Germans really need to get rid of this bullshit opinion that all who just enters Germany is automatically German. Germans are a 'grown' ethnicity. We don't have history of multi-ethnic immigration like the Americas.

  2. Dreckigen Möchtegern Deutsch-Kanacken, mit deutschem Pass und auf das Grundgesetz scheißen. Wer zum Teufel gibt diesen Leuten überhaupt einen solchen? Ehrenmord, Religionsmord im Namen Allahs dem dreckigen Satan an der Tagesordnung und nun die ganzen Asylanten, Deutschland was habt ihr da angerichtet, der Preis für den 2ten Weltkrieg?

  3. welcome for poland……………..i first say that i shame for my people they dued ankiets they fight with police in warsaw or others big cities celebrities say that not will him all thats about emigrants knowing this how was with self poles for enter to europe union turn on polish tv i say this as polish guy my dudes still remember you attack for poland in 1939 first what i know that poland is for risk in war with russia and i know that be run to your home tu i can just beggel you for mercy for my stupid dudes please not be angry for his character please be how prussia create interes technology lern young germans draw sculpting create sympfons miusic this poles are " special" show that this time you be can tu win democracy how was
    in jalta and……………….micolaus kopernicus is your person i just shame that my poles can fight uhhhhhhhhhhhh
    how is this give for god be a German person…………………i swear you are excool byeeee

  4. Like anything else cheap, there is a reason why cheap labour and cheap energy are cheap, because they eventually kill you.

  5. ZDF is really a fairly conservative station. You can also guess it from the alarmist tone of this documentary.

  6. whoever made this bullshit was insane the immigrant problem in canada is far far worse than in germany…. just as crime and immergrant crime in geneal is .. 4 or so times higher in canada than german

  7. Muslim people have sexist mindset when it come about how to dress, they have contrast doublestandards on what is considered nudity between men and women. sexism for women: when women feel confidence to dress other than just wear hijab (which make her uncomfortable), then she will derided as "slut" and can't be questioned..bcoz in muslim mind women dress like other German girl is same like she is in bikini/naked at public yet the muslim men can freely wear what they want.

    and sexism for men in muslim stupid mindset: if men see women swim with bikini, men eyes degrade women so men must not see women in bikini (they will take it seriously) but if the situation where reverse, it's okey for women to see men with underwear even if not in swim context. basically it's only sexist and must be censored when men see it. this is doublestandards and those bunch of muslim doesn't even realize it

    the worse is they are fanatics and tend to spread even forced their ideology….so i hope germany dare to said "you can live hear as long as you hear our rules, if you want to forced your dessert 'barbaric' mindset then you can go out!" #germany #canada #refugee #atheist #equality #islam #hijab

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